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Product sizes, 7/8/9/10/12/16/20 oz., etc. The market uses a lot of 7/9 ounce products. Our products range from 200g to 350g of paper. Single – side film and double – side film technology.

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Product sizes, 7/8/9/10/12/16/20 oz., etc. The market uses a lot of 7/9 ounce products. Our products range from 200g to 350g of paper. Single - side film and double - side film technology. Our film has two materials :PE/PLA, among which PE is 18 silk and PLA is 30 silk. Ultrasonic bonding to ensure product adhesion. Our products can serve hot and cold drinks, hot and cold coffee. Different materials, different aesthetics, white, color. Kraft paper products are more popular with people. We can also on the surface of the product, gold plating, more exquisite products, improve a high quality. The size of the top, bottom and height are all international standards. Printing color and pattern, according to your design requirements, packaging according to your needs packaging. Fast delivery, good quality and reasonable price. We have a series of paper plates, paper towels, flags, balloons and other products. Suitable for family, party, hotel, restaurant use. Paper cups are cheaper than glass or plastic, easier to use, environmentally degradable, and free of pollution. Especially in the current epidemic period, disposable paper products are more needed to ensure safety. We are a factory and provide good service. Please contact us, we've been waiting for you, my friend.

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1) Base paper with single -side/double sides PE coated, different grade and PE according to the customer's
request. The combination effect with PE is satisfying.
2) Surface: gloss/matte, smooth with a good feeling.
3) Good stiffness, water resistance, excellent printing effect.
4) Can be printed and cut according to the customer's request.
5) No fluorescence in the whole production process.

Businesses need a good paper cup

Because there are important customers to receive
Extra hard and thick quality, specially developed for receiving VIPs, no hot hands, feel the warmth
Corporate image design starts with a paper cup. We need a good paper cup that can make coffee and tea and won't burn your hands.
A good enterprise with a good paper cup, high quality small paper cups, increase the good feeling of customers
The printing effect is 300% brighter and better looking, with bright and vivid colours, clear patterns and strong textures to enhance your company's image.

Food grade, healthy virgin wood pulp paper, no odour, no bleaching fluorescents, extra hard but not soft
More than 20 testing items qualified, good company with good paper cups
1. Evenly stressed, can withstand the weight of an adult, high hardness
2. Double-layer heat insulation, double-layer design with PE waterproof layer and paper, high temperature resistance, anti-scalding.
3. Hygienic and leak-proof, 18g PE laminated design on the inner wall, hygienic and leak-proof for 72 hours.
4. The body of the cup is strong, thickened paper, not easy to soften and deformation, can be used without a cup holder.
5. Home office travel tea and coffee juice can be used for a variety of occasions, multi-purpose, convenient and practical.
Thickened cup mouth, tight and not easy to turn out, durable and not deformed.
Double layer cup body with PE waterproof layer plus paper double layer design.
Thickened thread embossing on the bottom of the cup, extra thick and stiff, ultrasonic bonding, tight indentation and strict leakage prevention.

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Food grade cup paper safety, using food grade C cup paper, can be in direct contact with food, safer to use for coffee, milk tea, milk, snacks and other tasting tastings.

Professional strength manufacturers, focus on producing high quality paper cups
Fully automated production line, high standards and strict requirements, make responsible products

Suitable for cold drinks and hot drinks, temperature range 0~100°C
Double thickened design for all kinds of drinks
Easy insulation, no hot water to burn your hands

Vegetable ink printing, no odour on the cup, no worries
The stiff body of the cup is not easily deformed, not easily softened, not easily deformed, meet the home
Smooth and burr-free surface

1. Genuine material
Made of environmentally friendly thickened material, solid and durable, healthy kitchenware new life.
2. Aesthetic design
Personalised, intelligent products, creating a good kitchen life, to meet the different needs of different customers.
3. Humanized design
Whether it is design, material or use, to create a good kitchen life, to meet Ergonomic forces are followed in the use of Academic design.

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