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Wholesale disposable birthday party family supermarket paper plate. Our products come in various shapes and sizes :7/8/9/10/12 inches, round, square, animal shape, etc. We can customize anything you need. We use high quality food grade paper material, between 200g and 500g, we can print any pattern and color you want. Product production process

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Model Materials Finished size Unit price $ MOQ
7 inch 200-350g 18cm 0.02-0.06 50000
8 inch 250-350g 20.5cm 0.03-0.06 50000
9 inch 300-400g 23cm 0.03-0.1 50000
10 inch 350-400g 25.5cm 0.04-0.15 50000
11 inch 400-560g 28cm 0.05-0.2 50000
12 inch 400-560g 30.5cm 0.05-0.2 50000

Uses and advantages

1. Can be compounded with a variety of materials, improve the protection function. It and aluminum foil, plastic and other materials composite can prevent the deterioration of the contents of corruption.
2.Good shading performance, can better maintain the color, fragrance, taste of the contents.

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Every party, there are countless feelings in my heart, but the most is that we have a happy, happy play, everything else becomes not so important. Did you have a party today? Christmas parties, class parties, football parties, etc. Of course you need our disposable party paper plates. Because our products can hold all kinds of cake, cheese, fruit, biscuits, food. Very convenient, environmentally friendly, and no damage to the environment. We can produce various theme series of paper plates, the material is food grade paper, 7/8/9/10/11/12 inch size. The price is right. We are factories, not traders. Please contact us to start our show.

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