Paper lunch boxes

  • Disposable color Paper Lunch Boxes

    Disposable color Paper Lunch Boxes

    Paper lunch box, refers to the production of the paper lunch box materials used for the paper lunch box, generally disposable paper lunch box, convenient to use, low cost, has been widely used in the catering industry. Because it is made of paper material, it can be recycled and processed by burying or burning, without causing serious environmental pollution, and has high environmental protection value.

  • Multi-box paper lunch boxes

    Multi-box paper lunch boxes

    Imported Kraft Paper, Kraft paper is made from sulphate coniferous wood pulp, as raw material, with a tough and strong texture.Paper lunch box, with the market and people’s needs, disposable paper lunch box more and more people need to use. Especially during the current epidemic, disposable paper meal boxes are in short supply.