Paper products replace plastic products

Experts predict that the production and marketing of green products in the 21st century will become the mainstream of world marketing. Plastic products bring convenience to human beings at the same time, but also produce a lot of “white pollution”, which has become a major social problem in today’s world. Fortunately, human beings have begun to challenge the old environmental path of “pollution first, treatment later”. The development of green environmental protection products and the elimination of white pollution have become the consensus of all mankind. At present, from the international point of view, all plastic products packaging are difficult to enter the international market, Europe and the United States and many other advanced countries have banned the use of plastic packaging and foam plastic tableware. In China, governments at all levels, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Ningbo and other cities, as well as the ministry of Railways and the ministry of Communications have also issued decrees banning non-degradable foam tableware. At present, a global plastic packaging products reform is gradually rising, “paper instead of plastic” green packaging has become the development trend of the world packaging industry. It is in this general trend that a new type of green tableware, namely paper tableware, was born. Paper moulded tableware is a new technology and new product initiated by Our country. It is the replacement product of foam tableware which is popular in domestic market. Pulp molded tableware is made of pure plant fiber pulp as the main raw material and molded by advanced technology and scientific process. This process has changed the traditional paper box folding molding method, but the use of sugarcane paper molding method, overcome the weak strength of plant fiber. In terms of waterproof and oil proof, the spraying method adopted by many countries has also been changed. Instead, the waterproof additives are put in the slurry process stage, and the additives are adsorbed on the plant fiber for hot pressing, reducing the spraying process and increasing the product strength. Paper tableware technology comparison, using wood pulp as raw material, using cardboard cold pressing tableware is only suitable for western food cold dry food, waterproof, oil proof, heat resistance and other properties. It can adapt to the dietary habits of each country, and has the advantages of non-toxic and tasteless, waterproof and oil resistance, compression and tension, convenient and applicable, etc., tested by the relevant health inspection department, all indicators have reached the health standards of food packaging. Its production process formula mature, stable operation of equipment, daily output of each production line is about 50,000 ~ 100,000. The whole production process is pollution-free. In order not to damage forest resources, the raw materials of this product are straw pulp, reed, straw, bagasse and so on, instead of wood pulp. In north and south China, reed and sugarcane fiber pulp can be used as raw materials according to local conditions. In this way, products come from nature, return to nature, waste can be recycled. Even if not recycled, the plant fiber can degrade itself in a short period of time, which is beneficial to the ecological balance of fertile land. Fundamentally solve “white pollution” this public hazard. At present, we are investing in the construction of pulp mold tableware production base, actively respond to the call of the government, science and technology as the guide, environmental protection as their own responsibility, the development of environmental protection products, white pollution control, economic and social benefits are significant. Nowadays, in the treatment of white pollution environmental protection products, there has been a kind of degradable plastic, namely photodegradable plastic and biodegradable plastic. However, the difference between degradable plastics and non-degradable plastics is nothing more than the change of object geometry, which cannot fundamentally solve the problem of white pollution of plastic molecules. Our products can meet your needs and achieve our win-win results.

Post time: Oct-18-2021