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The epidemic has been repeated, and the price of raw materials has risen… Since this year, all walks of life have been heavily affected and restricted, especially the FMCG industry is under pressure.
“Hard, too hard!” The person in charge of many FMCG said frankly that “survival is not easy”.
Just in July, a new round of price increases in the FMCG circle has been implemented on the terminal, involving milk drinks, rest foods, convenient fast foods and other categories. Dealers are a little confused in the face of the fierce price increases in many categories.
Some dealers believe that the rising price of raw materials is “the last straw to crush the camel” for some small profit and low-quality production enterprises. The costs that large enterprises can absorb may be fatal for small enterprises. This has accelerated the reshuffle of the industry, so they believe that the price rise should be viewed rationally.
Look at the rise in raw material prices rationally: from the perspective of enterprises, rising costs and rising product prices are effective countermeasures, which are fully understood by members of the industry. Through communication with enterprises, strive to create a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation environment.
The rise of raw material prices promotes the industry reshuffle: the rise of raw materials can promote the healthy development of the whole industry, which will be better and better for brand enterprises and more and more uncomfortable for enterprises that are low-end brands.

Post time: Jul-10-2022