• Paper Market

    The epidemic has been repeated, and the price of raw materials has risen… Since this year, all walks of life have been heavily affected and restricted, especially the FMCG industry is under pressure. “Hard, too hard!” The person in charge of many FMCG said frankly that R...
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  • Paper products will replace plastic products

    In 2021, France has banned most of these plastic products. This year, it has gradually banned the plastic packaging of more than 30 kinds of fruits and vegetables, the use of plastic packaging in newspapers, the addition of non biodegradable plastics in tea bags, and the distribution of free plas...
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  • Leading the domestic paper trend

    Since May, due to the rising prices of raw materials such as wood pulp, chemical raw materials and energy, and the rising logistics and transportation costs, many household paper enterprises have issued price increase letters for many times. In addition, Xianhe, Jianghe, Guanhao, Yinge, Ta...
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  • Trends in paper materials

    Trends in paper materials

    In a few days at the beginning of June, several large factories chose to actively adjust their market strategies to cope with market changes. In addition to the shutdown and overhaul plan announced by Shanying paper this time, nine dragons paper started the current preferential policies in its pr...
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  • 2021 China’s paper industry market price trend analysis

    2021 China’s paper industry market price trend analysis

    Since February 2021, the PPI of the paper industry has gradually recovered, and in May 2021, the PPI of the paper industry will increase by 5.0% year-on-year. It is mainly due to the global increase in the prices of pulp and energy in the upstream of papermaking, which have increased the producti...
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  • Paper products replace plastic products

    Paper products replace plastic products

    Experts predict that the production and marketing of green products in the 21st century will become the mainstream of world marketing. Plastic products bring convenience to human beings at the same time, but also produce a lot of “white pollution”, which has become a major social prob...
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  • What is COVID-19 and how to prevent it?

    What is COVID-19 and how to prevent it?

    COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019), also known as “COVID-19″, is named by the World Health Organization as “coronavirus Disease 2019″ [1][2], referring to pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus 2019 infection. On 11 February 2020, Director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyes...
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  • What does energy specifically mean

    What does energy specifically mean

    Energy refers to the resources that can provide energy. The energy here usually refers to heat energy, electrical energy, light energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy and so on. A substance that can provide kinetic, mechanical and energy for human beings Energy sources can be divided into thr...
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