Multi-box paper lunch boxes

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Imported Kraft Paper, Kraft paper is made from sulphate coniferous wood pulp, as raw material, with a tough and strong texture.Paper lunch box, with the market and people’s needs, disposable paper lunch box more and more people need to use. Especially during the current epidemic, disposable paper meal boxes are in short supply.

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Our paper lunch box has two kinds of materials, white and kraft paper, between 200 and 400 grams, the product uses 18 grams of PE film or 30 grams of PLA film, hot stick process, waterproof, oil and leakage. The surface can be printed with any color and pattern design you want.

We have a number of advanced equipment, one equipment can produce 40,000 a day. High production capacity, fast delivery time. The company has successfully developed multiple disposable paper lunch boxes, greatly replacing plastic products. Product stiffness is high, large capacity, many customers are hot - selling products, multiple orders. Compared to plastic boxes, paper lunch boxes are cheaper, more convenient to use, environmentally degradable, no pollution, can be heated in the microwave, easy to use. Our products, varieties, sizes, there are a variety of capacity products 500/750/900/100*1100/1200/1600ml. Restaurants, department stores, they're selling like hot cakes. If the matching products are sold in the same series as paper plates, napkins and cups, it will be more perfect.

Many customers will use them at parties. Because of the hot sales, now purchase order, we have a great discount, the price is suitable. Our moQ for general products is very low. Support your custom products and implement what you want into them. We can do it because we are professional. Trust us, we will bring you a different surprise. If you are a trader, a supermarket supplier, or a friend in need of products, please contact us, we have been waiting for you to work together for win-win cooperation.

Multi-box paper lunch boxes
Multi-box paper lunch boxes

Disposable color Paper Lunch Boxes

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