Halloween disposable Paper Plates

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Halloween paper plates are the theme products we often use. Our customers usually start designing our holiday designs at the beginning of each year.

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According to the most fashionable styles of the year, design the product patterns and shapes that everyone likes. Maybe, adults like garden, old people like square, children like strange shape, the choice of patterns is the same, there will be a lot of ideas of patterns, we are one by one to achieve the product above. That's what we're capable of, our execution. We cooperated with the customer to complete the product. He thought it was in line with his own market design, and finally the product sold well. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, every holiday, we work together. Even if it is a small order, we also treat the same, very hard and efforts. Our products have many patterns and shapes that can be customized. The product uses food grade paper, according to your needs, product material weight between 200-560 grams. Our printing ink is environmentally friendly. The product is biodegradable. In the current pandemic environment, our products are more convenient and affordable. Many people are often looking for suppliers, are looking for some foreign trade company, they don't have their own factories, by order and then transferred to other factory production, others factory shipment too late, they will consult with clients say too late delivery, the factory quality is not guaranteed, material will reduce, asked 300 grams, give your material only 275 grams, and so on, because they need to profits, So they cut corners. There are too many problems. But we are different, we are a factory, we are a professional production factory. Equipment, products, materials, personnel, quality control, and so on, we have it all. We are short of orders. Reduce middlemen to earn price difference. Let's win together, win. If your supplier often has problems, such as poor quality, unstable delivery date and poor cooperation, I can remind you that you should choose us. Let's start our show and offer more competitive products in the market. Contact us. We've been waiting for you.

Halloween paper plates
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