Flower series of color napkins

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Napkin, color napkin is made of 3 layers of 18g material paper or 2 layers of 18g paper. Of course, there are some bad businesses using 15-16 grams of paper instead. Now let’s have a look at the product.

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At present, the product can produce up to 6 spot colors in the market, and many colors can be presented to everyone through the way of color superposition, such as the principle of red and yellow to present orange. Products are now routinely available in 250*250/330*330/330*400/400*400 expansion sizes. Product color separation, publishing, rebonding plate roller, flexo gravure printing technology to complete the pattern printing. The principle of cutting and cutting cloth is a principle. Of course, now we also in the product surface gold plating, so that the product more beautiful, higher value. Product printing ink, using environmental protection edible soybean ink, bright color. Paper towels are highly absorbent and can quickly drain water from hands and tables. Matching paper plates, paper cups and other products, the pattern is consistent, really beautiful, the first product of the party. Our production environment is a dust-free workshop, and employees need to wear standard clothes at work. The products are packed in sealed bags to prevent pollution. Compared with ordinary paper towels: our size is large, water absorbent, beautiful pattern, easy to carry, can be laid flat on the table, or folded flowers inserted on the tableware, perfect. If you are a purchaser, supermarket supplier, trader, please contact us, we have been waiting for you, looking forward to win-win cooperation with you.

Flower series of color napkins (4)
Flower series of color napkins (5)

It's not just tissue paper, it's taste
No fluorescent agents for peace of mind
Food-grade printing materials, logo does not lose colour
No flakes when torn, fine fibres, no flakes after repeated rubbing
Double thickened, green virgin wood pulp, long and short fibres are closely combined, thick paper
Embossing technology, textured double embossing technology, high degree of adhesion, not easy to delaminate, clear pattern
Dust-free, no additives, no chemical additives, friendly and non-invasive, more comfortable to use
Wipe your mouth with peace of mind
Fashionable printing paper
Printed with high purity water-based inks
Safe, healthy and non-toxic
Safe, healthy and non-toxic *Passed the safety test by the authority, please use with peace of mind!

Flower series of color napkins

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