Environmentally degradable paper plates

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Do you still use glass or ceramic utensils when you have a party? No, you’re definitely not using these expensive and easily damaged products anymore.

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You'll find plenty of disposable, eco-friendly, biodegradable paper dinner plates in supermarkets. These products are easy to use and cheap. It captured a lot of demand in the market. Looking for cooperative factories, suppliers, you can contact us. Our factory has advanced printing equipment, can print a variety of patterns, colors. We have fully automatic die cutting machine, can quickly process the printed products. The product surface we can give a very good gloss treatment, is more beautiful products. We can also use PE film or PLA degradable film for the surface. The problem of waterproof and oil proof is solved. We have many molding machines, various sizes of molds, 7/8/9/10/11/12, round, square, animal shapes, flower shapes and so on. The product shape is unique. 400000PSC can be produced every day. We use food-grade paper as the material, and 200-560 grams can be produced. Strict control by product quality department. Don't let go of any little problem spots. Our workers are professionally trained, with high quality awareness and strong problem-solving skills. At present, in the epidemic stage, production capacity has decreased in many places, and delivery is slow and production needs cannot be met. We also have influence, but we overcome the difficulties, solve the problem, machine replacement method, solve the problem. Production has not been affected. We hope your order will not be affected. If you need us to provide products, please contact us, we will give you better service, more reasonable price, more efficient delivery time

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