Disposable paper dinner plates

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Wholesale disposable birthday party family supermarket paper plate. Our products come in various shapes and sizes :7/8/9/10/12 inches, round, square, animal shape, etc. We can customize anything you need.

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Model Materials Finished size Unit price $ MOQ
7 inch 200-350g 18cm 0.02-0.06 50000
8 inch 250-350g 20.5cm 0.03-0.06 50000
9 inch 300-400g 23cm 0.03-0.1 50000
10 inch 350-400g 25.5cm 0.04-0.15 50000
11 inch 400-560g 28cm 0.05-0.2 50000
12 inch 400-560g 30.5cm 0.05-0.2 50000

We use high quality food grade paper material, between 200g and 500g, we can print any pattern and color you want. Product production process :1. Make printing plate according to printing document, cut the required size, print pattern and compare the color of printing sample to complete printing. 2. Make the surface treatment according to your needs. 3. According to the printed documents, make the corresponding knife die for cutting small pieces to complete small pieces of products. 4. Put small pieces of product into the molding machine to make the desired product. 5. According to your needs, corresponding packaging.

Uses and advantages

1.light quality, anti breakage. Compared with glass bottles, paper plates are lighter and less likely to break.
2.Low cost; Light quality can save circulation costs. Top choice for party supplies. Environmental protection material, save the cost of cleaning glass tableware.
3. Good appearance effect; Printing decoration is easy to achieve, good publicity effect, can promote sales..
We are an honest factory. We use the weight of the material you need. We will not cut corners. Product quality: not easy to deformation, not crack, oil leakage water leakage and other problems. We have professional production, production, quality team. Because of professional, so the price also has a great advantage. Come on, we need your orders, and you need our service and quality. And that's where our story begins, working together to win..

Disposable paper dinner plates
Disposable paper dinner plates
Disposable paper dinner plates
Disposable paper dinner plates
Disposable paper dinner plates
Disposable paper dinner plates

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