Custom disposable Paper Plates

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We are a factory from China: we can professionally customize all kinds of paper plates. When you want a product, with ideas and design, our story can begin.

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First of all, your idea tells us, we according to your idea, put forward reasonable improvement suggestions, both sides understand rationality. Then make the sketch, view the effect map. Then I'll give you a 3D mold. Achieve the desired effect of the product. This allows for a real combination of ideas and products. We have various series theme products, such as Christmas collection, spring collection, party collection, flower collection and so on.

The surface of our products can be treated with oil, PE, PLA and so on. The finish can be beautifully ironed gold or silver. Kraft paper products, is one of our key products. Through the improvement of technology, we now have multiple products. The product is divided into three components. We have regular 7/8/9/10/11/12 inch, square and round moulds in a wide variety of shapes. When you think the pattern in the market is not fashionable enough, we can adjust the printing pattern design in time to reach the pattern that people in the market like. More machines, more molds, the price is appropriate, is our advantage. Some customers choose to cooperate with foreign trade companies. They do not have their own factories and the quality delivery time is not guaranteed. This is a bad thing. And we have our own production factory, can give you a more reasonable price. Our minimum order quantity is small, can well meet your needs. Contact us, with product quality, price, delivery time, to tell you that your choice is right, perfect.

Custom paper plates
Custom paper plates
Custom paper plates
Custom paper plates

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