Christmas paper dinner plates

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At home, supermarket, restaurant, party and other activities, are you still using plastic disposable products that are not environmentally friendly? Not at all. Of course not. Our preferred ningbo Changliang disposable paper products. However, we are the factory you need. We are professional. Paper plates we can produce 7/8/9/10/11/12 inches of any shape products, our material from 200g – 560g, food grade paper, environmental friendly, degradable.

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Process flow

1.Product material selection, cutting size.
2.According to your document, make the document,
3.make the print version according to the document.
4.Product surface processing.
5.Make small blade die according to the document and cut small pieces.
6.High temperature molding of products.
7.According to your requirements, adopt the corresponding packaging method.
8.The product has passed the inspection.
9.Warehousing of products, complete. We don’t use bad materials. The speed of mold development and production is fast, from confirmation to completion, we only need 15 days. The customer evaluation rate of delivery is

100%, and there is no delivery delay. Quality control, we have a professional quality department, customer recognition is high. Our product is a hot seller for a wide range of people. Let you become the main actor, bid farewell to the audience, try to cooperate, to achieve a win-win, please contact us

Christmas paper dinner plates (5)

Uses and advantages

① Can work with packaging machinery to achieve high quality and high speed production and packaging.
② Easy to open and seal, easy to open and restore.
③ Easy to handle waste and easy to recycle, can save resources

Christmas paper dinner plates (5)


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